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Many of us would like to see overseeding returned to the Palm Valley golf course.  If you are one of those please send Mitzi Mills an email at MitziM@SunCityLV .Com, voicing your concerns. She and Iare attempting to get it added to the Fiscal 2021 Budget which means if approved funds could be available to do so this fall.  But we need to get it into the budget. Due to the loss of revenue we have experienced, we as a community may have to forego some requests next year. But as stated above,if we don't get it into the budget for consideration, it won't happen.


Some suggested bullet points to suggest to Mitzi are the following: Improved property values for those living on the Palm Valley Golf Course Improved playability

Improved Marketing for our Community and Golf

Highland Falls was recently voted the best public course in the valley

Lets make it our charter to make Palm Valley ranked the second best course in the valley What a statement if we had both one and two

This will drive rounds played, and revenue for both Golf and Food and Beverage

It will attract more Sapphire members- currently we are at a competitive disadvantage against Angel Park as many current Sapphire members have told me they will be leaving if Palm Valley does not return to excellent condition. Angel Park has two courses to offer and in the winter months many feel that we only have one course to offer.


Please get these to Mitzi by end of day May 6, 2020 if possible. We want her to have some support she can bring in.


Thanks, Jeff



The vision to unify the six different handicap systems in use around the world into a single World Handicap System required the commitment of, and collaboration between, many organizations. All of the organizations have provided their support to this important initiative and played their part in establishing the key principles, which shaped the proposals and drove forward the initiative to the point where a new World Handicap System can be introduced to the golfing world in 2020.


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