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Our community provides many amenities and one of them is our moniker, "a golf
community". As residents of Sun City Summerlin (SCS), we own ALL the amenities and
that includes our three beautiful golf courses and facilities. Besides owning a home, part of being a resident is ownership of our 81 chartered clubs and their facilities. Of those 81, five are chartered golf clubs: the Men's Golf Club (MGC) (18 Holers), the Niners, the Ladies Executive, the Women's Golf, and the Guys and Gals.


All five clubs have constitutions and by laws that they are governed by and play the game of golf by USGA and SNGA rules with the exception of those local rules that have been adopted. The clubs conduct weekly golfing events (Guys and Gals once a month) and also host special events such as Oktoberfest, Christmas Parties and such over the year. Once you become a resident and play golf at SCS, you will also find that there are many other opportunities to play with groups who form up and have weekly events. All weekly and special tournaments for the MGC are scheduled the prior year, for the whole year and are posted on this site. Once someone joins, they are a member for the calendar year. The annual membership cost is $71. This includes the annual club fee and a payment to SNGA for entry into the GHIN handicap system.

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