The purpose of the club is to promote the enjoyment of golf and good fellowship and other recreational activities for its members. The club exists to benefit its members and shall operate as a non-profit organization, with all funds being used for club purposes.

The 18 Holers play tournaments every Thursday at either Palm Valley or Highland Falls golf course.  It is competitive golf at its finest. No matter what your handicap is, you'll will be flighted with golfers of comparable skill levels.

The tournament chairs also ensure that the weekly tournaments vary in format to allow for all skill levels to compete in a friendly fun environment.  Many other special events are planned throughout the year for the members’ enjoyment.  Handicap tracking is included in the annual dues.  New members are paired with other golfers by the tournament chairs but, it doesn't take long before a new golfer gets paired up in a regular foursome.

-October note from Colbert

-October 13th Club Picnic Sign Up

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